View MPP Files: View Microsoft project files with ease

The meaning of MPP files

MPP stands for Microsoft Project Plan, and represents the file extension to the project plans created by Microsoft Project. If you for instance create a plan called My_project, Microsoft project will save it in the file My_project.mpp.

The .mpp project format is proprietary to Microsoft. In fact, only Microsoft Project is capable of writing .mpp files. However, there are many mpp viewers that can open these files and read the content. When searching for a project viewer, you may come across terms such as "mpp viewer", "project viewer", "Microsoft project viewer", "mpp reader" etc. Essentially all of these terms have the same meaning: The viewer can open a Microsoft Project File.


LiveProject Free Project Viewer for mpp files

At KaDonk, we pride ourselves by offering the only 'professional grade' absolutely free mpp viewer; LiveProject Free Project Viewer. Unlike other project viewers, LiveProject is free forever. It has no expiration date, no trial period, but it does have some limits on functionality compared to our premium viewer. You download it and go.

LiveProject supports projects written in almost all languages, such as Hebrew and Simplified Chinese. It can open embedded mpp files, and shows task and resource tables, as well as Gantt charts. Read more about LiveProject's powerful features.

NOTE: LiveProject Free Viewer is limited to a maximum of 100 visible tasks.

For commercial use, get LiveProject Premium Viewer


MPP the easy way

We designed our MPP viewer based on our experiences in Project Management. To function effectively, it had to be easy-to-use, easy-to-install, and absolutely non-intrusive to existing work processes. You can download and use LiveProject without worrying about complicated roll-outs, or expensive training sessions.

LiveProject Free Project Viewer is currently being used in thousands of companies in more than 203 countries around the world.

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    View Microsoft project files with KaDonk
  • Get an overview of your resources with LiveProject
    Get an overview of your resources with LiveProject
  • Tasks and Gantt Charts at your fingertips
    Tasks and Gantt Charts at your fingertips
  • View detailed task information
    Task information