Free Viewer for Microsoft Project

Free MPP Project Viewer

LiveProject is a free Project Viewer application for Microsoft Project ® files. It enables users to view tasks, Gantt charts, resources and other Microsoft Project ® information, without the need to install Microsoft Project ®. LiveProject Free project viewer never expires, and is free for personal/student/non-profit organization use. Sharing mpp project plans has never been easier.

NOTE: LiveProject Free Viewer is limited to a maximum of 100 visible tasks.

For commercial use, get LiveProject Premium Viewer

Project Viewer Slideshow

  • LiveProject Gantt Chart - see how your current work matches your expected work
    KaDonk's free viewer for Microsoft
  • Get an overview of your resources with LiveProject
    Get an overview of your resources with LiveProject
  • Tasks and Gantt Charts at your fingertips
    Tasks and Gantt Charts at your fingertips
  • View detailed task information
    Task information


Share Project Files

LiveProject enables users to share Microsoft Project plans with their team members, without any investment. KaDonk developed LiveProject to allow teams to work more closely and share information more easily. Investing in Microsoft Project can be expensive, when all you need is to view an .mpp project file (MPP file).

Based on our industry experience in project management, we built LiveProject Viewer from the ground up to empower project teams. It can be considered as in introduction to LiveProject Project Collaboration; our premier application for collaborating on project plans. To upgrade your project viewer, register anytime for a trial account. Our Project Collaboration trial includes the full feature set of LiveProject, and is valid for 30 days.


Free Viewer for Microsoft Project

LiveProject Project Viewer runs on Windows ® 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It supports Microsoft Project ® 98, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 MPP files. Tasks are limited to 100 per project file. You are only allowed to user the free viewer for personal use, student use, or non-profit organization use. For commercial use, please get our Premium Viewer instead.

  • A free stand-alone viewer for Microsoft Project ® plans (aka. MPP Viewer)
  • Support for Microsoft Project 98, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 project files (.mpp files)
  • Microsoft Project ® not needed to view projects.
  • Task views are color-coded to indicate task status at-a-glance.
  • Gantt chart includes zoom, timescale and layout options.
  • LiveProject shows critical path and deadlines in Gantt charts.
  • Almost all MS Project columns are supported, including custom fields.
  • Open project file views are restored at next session.
  • Changes to project files are automatically detected, and your views are updated accordingly.
  • Resource information table.
  • Configurable columns per view.
  • Quick-select visible columns for specific data analysis.
  • View Bugzilla databases "live."
  • Customize Bugzilla filters to show the bugs you need.
  • Quick-switch between filters for your bugzilla views.
  • Launch Bugzilla attachments directly from mpp viewer.
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Want more features?

This is what you get if you upgrade to LiveProject Premium Viewer:

  • Project DashBoard - View graphs of project information.
  • Drill-down DashBoard support - quickly find the data that matters.
  • Project Portfolio Dashboards - compare several projects side-by-side.
  • Printing of tables and Gantt charts.
  • Auto-filter on columns to quickly find the information you need (Similar functionality as in Excel).
  • Advanced filtering including regular expressions and parent/child/siblings.
  • Custom alarms (Build your own alarms).
  • Tab-based User Interface allows you to open multiple project files simultaneously.
  • Multi-select tasks and generate e-mails with task information using templates.
  • Export to E-Mail using custom templates.
  • Export to PowerPoint using custom templates.
  • Export to Excel using named ranges.
  • Export to CSV files (Comma Separated Values).
  • Encrypt .mpp project files with administrator and viewer passwords, and distribute them safely to your team.
  • Save and open project plans in MPX format.
  • Includes Premium Support from KaDonk.
  • Includes upgrades to LiveProject.
  • Compare LiveProject features.