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LiveProject Team Viewer

This solution is designed for small business that needs to share documents and project files. The Team viewer licenses can be combined with Collaboration licenses to create a flexible solution for large enterprises. Contact to inquire about licensing options.

The Team Viewer allows users to drag-and-drop files and projects into a shared space on the LiveProject Server. Included in the standard pricing is a Team Viewer account, which allows up to 2Gb of data storage. KaDonk also offers a dedicated server which can be hosted on your own intranet.

Using the Team Viewer, your organization can quickly and easily upload and view MS project plans. The server allows for user rights management, folder access rights, and document version control.

Team Viewer Slidehow

  • Project Dashboard
  • LiveProject Gantt Chart
  • Liveproject Calendar
  • Calender Tasks
  • Project Dashboard is configurable
  • Collaborate with LiveProject
  • Task information
  • Bugzilla Viewer
  • LiveProject Explorer
  • Compare muyltiple projects with Dashboard Portfolio
  • LiveProject Explorer version control
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  • A stand-alone Microsoft Project ® viewer (aka. MPP Viewer)
  • Support for Microsoft Project 98, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 project files (.mpp files)
  • Project DashBoard - View graphs of project information
  • Drill-down DashBoard support - quickly find the data that matters.
  • Microsoft Project ® not needed to view projects.
  • Task views are color-coded to indicate task status at-a-glance.
  • Gantt chart includes zoom, timescale and layout options.
  • Calendar view includes bar styles, text styles, zoom and more.
  • Customize colors based on task information.
  • LiveProject shows critical path and deadlines in Gantt charts.
  • Almost all MS Project columns are supported, including custom fields.
  • Tab-based User Interface allows you to open multiple project files simultaneously.
  • Open project file views are restored at next session.
  • Changes to project files are automatically detected, and your views are updated accordingly.
  • Custom alarms (Build your own alarms)
  • Multi-select tasks and generate e-mails with task information using templates.
  • Resource information table.
  • Printing of tables and Gantt charts.
  • Configurable columns per view.
  • Quick-select visible columns for specific data analysis.
  • Advanced filtering including regular expressions and parent/child/siblings.
  • View Bugzilla databases "live."
  • Customize Bugzilla filters to show the bugs you need.
  • Quick-switch between filters for your bugzilla views.
  • Launch Bugzilla attachments directly from mpp viewer.
  • Encrypt .mpp project files with administrator and viewer passwords, and distribute them safely to your team.
  • Auto-filter on columns to quickly find the information you need (Similar functionality as in Excel).
  • Save and open project plans in MPX format.
  • Includes Premium Support from KaDonk.
  • Includes upgrades to LiveProject.
  • 2 Gb space on a shared LiveProject account.
  • User rights management for shared folders.
  • View shared project plans directly in LiveProject.
  • Document version control, get access to previous versions of documents, add tracking history, view change log
  • Share documents with your team no matter where they are located (Requires internet connection).
  • File read/write control
  • Automatically highlight recently changed files.
  • Includes Premium Support from KaDonk.
  • Includes upgrades.
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Want more features?

This is what you get if you upgrade to LiveProject Project Collaboration:

  • Microsoft Project ® is only needed for the managers who update project plans.
  • Support for MS Project 98, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 project files (.mpp files)
  • Team members do not need to have Microsoft Project ® installed.
  • Team members can make suggested edits, additions and deletions of tasks to the project plan.
  • All suggestions are approved/rejected by the manager before the actual plan is updated.
  • Suggestions can be made on nearly every task field, including custom fields.
  • Suggestions and changes are visible 'live' to all participants.
  • Project plans and documents can be shared with third-party companies via our LiveProject Server.
  • Project overview bar provides health-at-a-glance.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface minimize the need for training.
  • Setup takes 5 minuttes or less: Start collaborating immediately.
  • Savings of close to 80 percent of a comparable Office Project Server ® solution.
  • Access to KaDonk's professional and efficient support staff.
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Project viewer premium
Great for companies that wants to enable entire departments to view Microsoft project files.

Project Collaboration
Allows teams to suggest changes and make updates to project plans. The manage acts as a gate-keeper for all changes, and can continue working in Microsoft project. LiveProject will update the project files automatically with approved changes. No more copying and pasting.

Once you download LiveProject, you can upgrade your features by purchasing and applying license codes.