Project Viewers

LiveProject Viewers

LiveProject viewers comes in three flavors:

  • LiveProject Premium Viewer
  • LiveProject Command Line Viewer (Enterprise only)
  • LiveProject Free Viewer

All versions supports Microsoft Project 98, 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010.

  • Premium Viewer
  • Command Line 'Viewer'
  • Free Viewer
  • View multiple project files simultaneously.
  • Print project files from the command line.
  • Free for students, non-profit organizations and personal use.
  • View task and resource tables.
  • Great for setting up hands-off batch-printing of projects.
  • Shows max 100 tasks.
  • Print project plans.
  • Used by document-discovery companies
  • Create PowerPoint presentation with a click including seleded project information.
  • Includes project and project portfolio dashboard charts, with drill-down functionality
  • Packed with many many more features
  • Priced at just $34.95
  • Contact for enterprise quote.
  • Free

Not sure which one to pick?

If you're just not sure which version is for you, we recommend you start by signing up for our 14-day free trial of LiveProject Premium Viewer. After 14 days it will automatically convert back to a free viewer which you can continue to use if you are a student, use it while working for a non-profit organization or if you just need it for personal use.

Start your trial now

This risk free 14-day trial provides you a chance to evaluate all the features.

Examples of premium viewer features

  • Work timeline chart - see how your current work matches your expected work

  • Resource work load timelime chart
  • Task status - see at a glance if things are getting delayed
  • Resource Status - is your team allocated right?
  • Work - notice how you can configure the look of your charts.
  • Duration, compare to baseline
  • Cost - how much money is remaining?
  • Progress - interactive chart that allows drill-down all the way to task level
  • Cost load timeline
  • Configurable colors, and rule based colors. Make LiveProject yours.
  • Customizable grouping of tasks
  • Project filters - you select which tasks to see, and select from a dropdown list. Easy.
  • Autofiltering, including custom rules
  • Secure a project, and allow only the fields you choose to be visible.
  • Create instant reports directly to PowerPoint with our powerful export function. Template based.
  • Set project alarms, and never miss a beat.
  • Export your project to Excel.
  • Print your projects
  • See Work Load Timeline with Project Dashboards

Custom viewer solutions

We do in some instances create special custom solutions for large orders. Contact for more information.