Project Overview

Project Status Overview

Sometimes all you need is a quick overview of the project status. LiveProject provides an at-a-glance view of your project through the project overview bar.

Normally hidden on top of the task table and Gantt chart, the project overview bar is designed to give a snapshot of the project status.

Completed work is shown in green on the left and future work is shown in yellow. Both parts of the bar have a percent indication showing how much progress has been made on the project and how much is remaining.

Project milestones are indicated by small black rectangles. At the top of the timescale is a small blue triangle indicating today's date.

With just a glance you can see if your project is behind schedule. The green bar is behind the current date.

When clicking on a milestone or a part of the bar, LiveProject will show a pop-up note with detailed information about the selected area.

The overview bar is useful for some projects more so than others and can be hidden from view when not needed.



Project viewer premium
Great for companies that wants to enable entire departments to view Microsoft project files.

Project Collaboration
Allows teams to suggest changes and make updates to project plans. The manage acts as a gate-keeper for all changes, and can continue working in Microsoft project. LiveProject will update the project files automatically with approved changes. No more copying and pasting.

Once you download LiveProject, you can upgrade your features by purchasing and applying license codes.