Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

LiveProject has integrated Dashboard technology, that allows users to view bar-graphs and pie charts of important project information. Each project dashboard can be configured to show the data in various ways.

  • Get a quick overiew of data using the project dashboard
  • Select which graphs to show, and move them around for optimal layout
  • Full support for printing dashboard graphs
  • Drill-down through the data with simple double-clicks.
  • Jump to task table to view raw data

Project Dashboard Slidehow

  • View duration of project in dashboard
  • Project Dashboard View
  • Project Dashboard View
  • Project Dashboard styles
  • Project Dashboard View
  • Configure dashboard layout
  • project duration showing status
  • Project Dashboard View
LiveProject Screenshot.


Project viewer premium
Great for companies that wants to enable entire departments to view Microsoft project files.

Project Collaboration
Allows teams to suggest changes and make updates to project plans. The manage acts as a gate-keeper for all changes, and can continue working in Microsoft project. LiveProject will update the project files automatically with approved changes. No more copying and pasting.

Once you download LiveProject, you can upgrade your features by purchasing and applying license codes.