Gantt Charts

Gantt Chart View

LiveProject includes a Gantt chart view, similar to Microsoft Project. A Gantt chart is a great way to represent tasks over time and quickly get an overview of the entire project plan.

Tasks are represented by horizontal bars indicating the duration of the task while a solid box in the middle indicates the current progress on each task. Task dependencies are shown with arrows between task bars.

Through Gantt Settings > Layout, users can turn on and off a variety of options that affect the Gantt chart, such as:

  • Highlighting the critical path, the list of tasks that currently restricts the end date of the project.
  • Controling the information shown on either side of each task, such as task name and resource assignments.
  • Showing bar splits.

It is also possible to zoom in to a specific interval, using the Gantt Settings > Zoom functionality. The result of a zoom is to fit the selected interval into the visible part of the Gantt chart.

Finally, the labels and units of each header bar in the Gantt chart can be controlled using the Gantt Settings > TimeScale menu. Here each header - top, middle or bottom - can be scaled and formatted individually to show exactly the scale and intervals needed.

LiveProject will remember each of these settings between sessions and automatically reload them the next time the project is shown. If the project is closed, then the settings will be lost forever, so starting a new viewer will always default to the LiveProject settings.

Depending on the scale, the Gantt chart may or may not display weekends as grey out vertical bars.

The LiveProject Gantt chart is an easy way to get an overview of your projects without having to browse through the task list.



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