Press Sep 2007

KaDonk Inc. announced today the release of its free state-of-the-art Project Viewer for Microsoft Project Plans; LiveProject 2.0.

San Diego, CA, September 24, 2007

Version 2.0 of LiveProject contains significant improvements and new features over version 1.0, amongst other:

  • LiveProject 2.0 is now offered as a stand-alone FREE Project viewer for Microsoft Project plans.
  • Consolidated tab-based UI provides centralized control.
  • Gantt chart support, including zoom, layout and timescale control.
  • Support for almost all project columns, including custom columns.
  • Resource views.
  • Quick-column select to easily change views.
  • Advanced filtering capabilities.
  • Performance optimized.
  • Quick multi-select of tasks for zooming and sending mails.
  • Support for custom fields.
  • Bugzilla viewers can now launch attachments directly.
  • Launch LiveProject directly from Windows Explorer.
  • ... and many smaller improvements

Anders Heie, founder and president of KaDonk, stated: "For companies looking to maximize ROI on their Microsoft Project installations, LiveProject is an obvious choice. Using LiveProject as a free project viewer, anyone in the organization can now view Microsoft Project files. There is no investment needed, just download and run. This means managers can freely share project files, and everyone is 'in-the-loop'. LiveProject provides instant accountability, visibility, and sharing."

LiveProject runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. In addition to offering a FREE version of LiveProject, KaDonk also offers the option to Collaborate on a project with a Liveproject license. This allows team members to edit tasks, add new tasks and see each others changes. Managers receive these changes, and approve or reject them. Team members don't need to install Microsoft Project and that provides measurable cost savings in addition to increased accountability and visibility in planning.

To get a free project viewer or collaboration suite, please visit

"Maintaining overview and control of a software development organization spanning multiple timezones and making it operate as efficiently and dynamically as if all developers were to reside in one place has always been the goal for Nangate. LiveProject has turned out to be an essential project management tool to achieve this goal. We run multiple projects that span the globe, having development in Brazil, Denmark and Russia. Using LiveProject, our entire team can now seamlessly collaborate on our project plans. Team members update their plans on a daily basis and we can easily have up to 20 changes in plans per week for each project. LiveProject ensures that everyone knows what is going on at all times. With everyone working together, our teams feel empowered, and there is a sense of participation we did not think was possible with so disperse teams."

Henrik Pallisgaard, VP Development

To try LiveProject's innovative collaboration features, sign up at for a 14 day trial.



Project viewer premium
Great for companies that wants to enable entire departments to view Microsoft project files.

Project Collaboration
Allows teams to suggest changes and make updates to project plans. The manage acts as a gate-keeper for all changes, and can continue working in Microsoft project. LiveProject will update the project files automatically with approved changes. No more copying and pasting.

Once you download LiveProject, you can upgrade your features by purchasing and applying license codes.