Project Collaboration

LiveProject Project Collaboration

LiveProject Project Collaboration is the easiest way you will ever encounter working with Microsoft Project files.

Imagine as a manager, that your project changes are instantly available to your team, and that team members can quickly and securely update their task-status. The status of your plans, always available to everyone. Reports at your fingertips, and powerful printing and exporting features when needed.

Imagine you can share project plans safely with external vendors, and still get feedback when the plans change. Accept task changes with a click, and have your MS project plan updated.

Imagine the power of your team when everyone is working towards a common goal, with clear deliverables. The power of you, having instant access to all relevant project data.

When it comes to Project Collaboration on MS Project files, LiveProject is the fastest growing product on the market. With over half a million customers in more than 195 countries, you can stop imagining and start executing.

  • Collaborate effortless with your team.
  • Continue to use Microsoft Project for editing your plans.
  • Save money because your team members no longer needs Microsoft project.
  • Integrated Dashboards provides quick overviews and drill-down capabilities.

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  • LiveProject Gantt Chart
  • Project Portfolio View
  • Collaborate with LiveProject
  • Drill-down dashboards
  • Liveproject Calendar
  • Calender Tasks
  • Collaborate with LiveProject
  • Task information
  • Project Dashboard
  • Easy Inline Project Editing
  • Bugzilla Viewer
  • LiveProject Explorer
  • LiveProject Explorer version control
  • Manage project changes
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LiveProject Project Collaboration Features

  • Microsoft Project ® is only needed for the managers who update project plans.
  • Team members do not need to have Microsoft Project ® installed.
  • Team members can make suggested edits, additions and deletions of tasks to the project plan.
  • Managers can customize how team members can make changes (Allowed fields/locked fields/required fields)
  • All suggestions are approved/rejected by the manager before the actual plan is updated.
  • Suggestions can be made on nearly every task field, including custom fields.
  • Suggestions and changes are visible 'live' to all participants.
  • Project plans and documents can be shared with third-party companies via our LiveProject Server.
  • Project overview bar provides health-at-a-glance.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface minimize the need for training.
  • Setup takes 5 minuttes or less: Start collaborating immediately.
  • Savings of close to 80 percent of a comparable Office Project Server ® solution.

KaDonk is a registered member of the Microsoft Partner program.

LiveProject is dedicated to monitoring

Unlike other products that offer browser access to data, LiveProject is installed on your machine. You can have multiple views of each project and each Bugzilla database.

LiveProject is built to monitor projects and always shows the latest suggestions to a project. Using LiveProject, the manager and team are always informed of their work assignments and the state of the entire project.

Every suggestion is visible to everyone, which improves the team's sense of involvement and influence. Information empowers.

Manager-Participants information flow through LiveProject server

Information flow through LiveProject Server

Users can edit and add tasks

Users of a project can make suggested changes, such as editing existing tasks, adding new tasks to a project, or suggesting to delete tasks. We call these 'suggestions' ,or suggested changes, and once a suggestion is filed, it becomes visible to all other users.

LiveProject Gantt Chart view

LiveProject Gantt Chart view

Easy to integrate in existing processes

LiveProject is easy to integrate into existing business processes. It does not impose any major changes to the way plans are created in Microsoft Project ®, and it works without modifying existing Microsoft Project ® installations. The one major change you will notice immediately is the ability to get feedback to project plans faster. Because LiveProject takes away the manual copy-and-paste aspect of updating plans, for instance from e-mail correspondence, it captures all changes exactly where they belong with no room for mistyping or misunderstandings.

Client is designed to enhance usability

Maintaining a project and keeping people informed can be difficult. It is also tough to learn yet another tool. LiveProject is designed to be easy to use and to provide functionality without a cluttered and complicated user interface.

Because LiveProject is an application, it can embed itself with existing applications and provide seamless integration into your Windows installation.

We support Bugzilla

Managing a project is not just about tasks. Inevitably, there are requirements and bugs involved.

We support viewing Bugzilla databases to create a unique "Live" view of your bug status. You can use whatever search parameters you need and any Bugzilla database from version 2.18.1 and later.

The viewers update automatically and by using LiveProject's context menu, you can launch your browser with the correct bug directly. LiveProject automatically launches Bugzilla at the right location in your browser.

It is that easy and useful.

Our Server is state-of-the-art

Communication is encrypted using SSL and passwords are always encoded using strong hashing.

Access to the server is provided through an Explorer-like interface, which allows you to drag and drop directly from your windows desktop. It has never been easier to share documents and projects.

LiveProject Explorer window allows you to share documents and projects.

LiveProject Explorer window allows you to share documents and projects.

It takes less than a minute to invite a third-party user, share a directory with that user, and set his or her access rights. Now working with external companies, partners or contractors is easy, fast and secure.

Sharing a Microsoft Project ® plan and getting feedback as often as you need is just a few clicks away. Optimize your investments, minimize management and always have information at your fingertips.

Dedicated Server Solution

For enterprises that require dedicated servers, KaDonk offer a version of LiveProject with a deployed server that can be installed on customers' intranet. Please contact sales for further information and pricing.



Project viewer premium
Great for companies that wants to enable entire departments to view Microsoft project files.

Project Collaboration
Allows teams to suggest changes and make updates to project plans. The manage acts as a gate-keeper for all changes, and can continue working in Microsoft project. LiveProject will update the project files automatically with approved changes. No more copying and pasting.

Once you download LiveProject, you can upgrade your features by purchasing and applying license codes.