Project Edit Rules

Project edit rules allow the manager to control how and which fields should be edited when making suggestions.

As a manager, you can setup the rules by either:

Add a new rule, and define it as described below.



Choose the type of action for which this rule should apply to. The action refers to the action taken when a suggestion is made.


Choose the type of rule enforcement to use.


If the rule applies and the 'Comment must be included...' is checked, then a comment must be included before the user can submit a new suggestion.

Apply rule to field(s)

Choose the fields this rule applies to. For example, select Resource Names and rule 'Not empty' to make sure that the resource name is always filled in.


Conditions can added to further control when this rule should apply. For example, the above conditions say that this rule should only apply if Work field is more than 0 days OR this is not a milestone task.


Here you can customize the error/confirmation message that will be displayed to the user if a rule is violated.

Note, use the Tags for a dynamic messages. For instance LiveProject will replace the tag #name# with the actual rule name when the message is shown.

Example of a dynamic message:

The task must have a resource assigned to #field# according to rule #name# before you can #action#.