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Tips & tricks

Tips & Tricks

  • The location and content of all viewers are stored when you exit LiveProject. Each viewer is automatically restored when LiveProject is started. By leaving viewers  open upon exit, you can quickly get a view of all your data by simply restarting LiveProject. Note: We recommend leaving LiveProject running at all times, to provide you with the latest up-to-date information.
  • Some Gantt charts have a huge number of vertical dependencies. If the view is getting too cluttered, you can turn of the drawing of dependencies in Gantt Settings > Layout
  • If you have a large project with multiple managers, you can divide your project into subproject files (using Microsoft Project). Upload all the files to the LiveProject Server, and then assign one manager to each subproject. Now, each manager can accept and reject their own tasks, while you still retain the overview through the master project.


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