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Task Information (Editing and Adding tasks)

Note: This feature is only available with a valid LiveProject Project Collaboration license or trial account.

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    All the pending suggestions will be shown in yellow and more details can be seen via a tooltip for each changed field or by clicking on the Show pending suggestions button. To edit the task (or to change an existing pending suggestion), just change the values in the dialog, add a comment (optional) and press OK. This will send the suggestions to the project manager for approval. To cancel pending suggestions, just change the value back to its original value and press OK.

General info

The fields shown in this window reflects the same fields that exists in Microsoft Project ®. Please check the documentation for Microsoft Project ® for an in-depth explanation of each field.


All the comments sent for this task.

Add Comment

This field is a text that is sent with your suggestions and will be added to the Comments field.

Undo all change

This button will undo all the suggestions you have made, and set the values back to the actual task values.

Show pending suggestions

Show a detailed view of pending suggestions for this task. You can only view the suggestions from here, but if you are a manager of this project,  to accept/reject suggestions go to Manage Project Suggestions.

OK (...)

The OK button will show how many suggestions you have made, and pressing it will send the suggestions to the Manager. If you are adding a task, the process is slightly different than editing a task.

Important Note: When editing a task in Microsoft Project ®, there can be many restrictions and rules that take effect. For instance it may have dependencies to other task, constraints, or its start date could be calculated based on the Project start date. Because there is a possibility the managers original project file have changed, and not yet published, the information entered by participants may change once it is added to the main project file. In most cases, such changes simply imply that Microsoft Project ® recalculates start and finish dates, and that is how it should be. To keep the task-entry complexity to a minimum, we perform rudimentary checks on Constraints, Start/Finish dates, and Duration. A change to one field may affect the others. The functionality mimics that of Microsoft Project ®, but the final calculation is always done by Microsoft Project ® when the task is merged back into the Master file.

Custom/Other Fields

In the case of Custom and Other fields you can select the fields you would like shown and LiveProject remembers your selections the next time. For example, say your team uses the Text1 field to store a link to a Bugzilla bug that the task is for. Then in order to be able to send a suggestion for Text1 field, just select it from the Field drop down list. The Value field will automatically adjust to be able to accept the correct type of feedback based on the field being edited. You can add more fields by clicking on the Add new button and remove them by clicking on the little X icon on the right-edge.

Adding Task Notes

A special case for editing a task, is when adding tasks notes. It is only possible to ADD to a task note, not to edit it:

Just type your note in the Add Note field and the notes field above shows how the note field will look with the new change.

Notice how the added note is now counted as a change on the OK button !

Task History

  Task history allows you to see all the suggestions to the task being viewed. It allows you to easily see what suggestions were done to the task, who made them and who accepted/rejected them. For tasks created using LiveProject, it also allows you to see who created the task.   For the above task, you can see that there are pending suggestions to this task from manager and some accepted suggestions from the manager. Pending suggestions are shown in yellow, accepted in green and rejected tasks in red.

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