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System tray icon

System Tray Icon

There are really two system tray icons:

Note: If you cannot see this icons, it may be because window is hiding them, or LiveProject is not running. Check your windows settings.

The left one with the little envelope, indicates that new suggestions to projects have arrived and are pending. Double-clicking that icon will open the Manage Project Suggestions window. This will also remove the icon, but it will re-appear if more suggestions are sent.

The right one is the main System Tray Icon. The System Tray is the bottom-right area of your Windows desktop. Double-Clicking in that will show ALL your viewers on your other windows, and is a quick way to get access to your viewers from anywhere.

Right-Clicking the icon will show this menu:

System Tray Icon Menu


The actual menu may differ, because the top menu item listed above, are actually the name of a viewer running when we took this screenshot. Depending on which viewers you have running, their titles will show up here. Selecting one of them, will simply bring that viewer to the front, so you can view it.

Show all viewers

Brings all viewers to the front of your desktop.

Hide all viewers

Hides all viewers by minimizing them. Hidden viewers can easily be shown by clicking on Show all viewers or by double-clicking on the LiveProject system tray icon.

Show LiveProject

Shows the LiveProject Main Window

Add MS Project Viewer

Add a new Project Viewer

Add Bugzilla Viewer

Add a new Bugzilla Viewer

Explore Server

Note: Requires Valid License.

Open the LiveProject Explorer window.

Manage Project Suggestions

Note: Requires Valid License.

Manage project suggestions sent from users. If you are not the manager of a project, this won't do much good for you.

Manage Users

Note: Only available for managers.

Manage Users on the LiveProject Server


Show the LiveProject Options window, which let's you configure the settings.


Opens the Help file (Which may be why you are reading this now).


Shows information about the version of LiveProject you are using


Exits LiveProject. This will save all viewers. When LiveProject is restarted, the viewers will be reloaded as they were, and their data will be updated.

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