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Suggest project changes

Suggest Changes On Projects

Note: This feature is only available with a valid LiveProject Project Team Collaboration license or trial account.

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Before you can make suggestions to project plans, you need to upload a project file to the LiveProject Server.

Collaboration on projects only works on project plans stored on the server, and requires LiveProject Project Collaboration. You cannot collaborate on local project files.

To setup collaboration everyone on your team must:

  • Have LiveProject installed, and invited to your account.
    Click here to learn how to invite users to your account
    Inviting someone generates an e-mail that also contains download instructions for LiveProject.
  • Have access to your project file on the LiveProject Server. By default all users has access.
    Read more about controlling access rights here
  • Have an open Project Viewer that shows your project plan.
    To open a project viewer for a project plan stored on the LiveProject Server simply double-click on the project file in the explorer tab.

Inline Mode

To make suggestions to a project plan, double-click on a task/resource. This allows you to make edits directly in the table in what we call 'inline' mode:

In inline mode you can enter your task/resource-suggestions directly. Click on 'Done' when you have finished and is ready to commit.

In some cases, managers may have created certain rules that must be fulfilled when editing information. You may see a message requiring you to enter additional information if the rules are not met.

Contact your manager if in doubt.

Task Information

To see even more task details, click on Task Information. This opens up the Task Information window.

Edit the fields that needs to be changed, and click OK. Edited fields are highlighted in yellow as shown above.

The suggested change is now sent to the LiveProject Server, and shown highlighted in all users project viewer.

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