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Configure Server Connections

You can configure your Server connections by selecting the Configure->Server Connections option from Login screen. This is generally used to configure LiveProject to connect to your Company's internal LiveProject Server instead of the default LiveProject Server hosted by KaDonk. You can also use this configure connections to 3rd party LiveProject Servers.

Configure LiveProject Server Location

Select the Server location to use or edit your locations by clicking on the Edit Locations button.

Edit Locations

Here you can create, edit and delete new Server locations. This allows you to connect to multiple LiveProject Servers as needed. Select LiveProject Default Server to connect to the LiveProject Server hosted by KaDonk. This is the default connection used for all new users.

Create/Edit Location

Define the name (descriptive name), location (URL) and credentials (if needed) of the LiveProject Server you wish to connect to. This information should be provided to you by your IT department and/or the administrator of the LiveProject Server you wish to connect to.

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