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Review suggestions

Review Project Suggestions

This window shows all columns, and all tasks for a project. Use the buttons below or the context menu to perform the actions below.


Allows you to filter based on the contents of chosen column. When active the column and the auto-filter drop-down box turn blue. To deactivate an auto-filter, select All from the auto-filter drop-down.

To turn on/off Auto-filtering, just click on the  tool strip item.

Edit tasks/resources

New tasks and existing tasks can be edited via the context menu.

Moving new tasks

New tasks can be dragged up and down, and placed in the project where they belong. Note that by default new tasks shows up where they were created by the participant.

Viewing and Selecting Suggestions

To view and select suggestions, click on one of the changed fields or new tasks/resources. A window will appear with more details on the suggestion's. You can also accept/reject/clear suggestions from the context menu by right clicking on the suggestion or task/resource.

Show Legend

To understand the colors, click the Show Legend button for an explanation.

Reject all

This will reject ALL suggestions, and the colors will change to indicate they are rejected. The fields will be shown as empty (indicating rejected suggestions)

Accept (No conflicts)

This will accept all suggestions, except if there is a conflict. The color will change when accepted, and the fields will show the selected NEW values.

Clear all

This will clear all rejected and accepted suggestions, and return them to pending state. The fields will show the value from the current project file.

Show all / Show only changes

Selecting Show only changes will show just the rows with suggestions (Plus their parents). From the screenshot above, we limit the selection to:

Select Show all to show all the rows again.

Show current / Show suggested

You can choose to either have the current value that is in the Project or the suggested value shown for fields that have suggested changes on them.

OK (Update Project)

Press OK to reject the rejected suggestions (They will be marked as rejected and hidden, causing no changes to the project file) and accept the accepted suggestions. Accepted suggestions will be written to the project file, and if successful they will be marked as accepted and hidden). Hidden simply means you won't see them again.

Once OK is pressed, LiveProject will open Microsoft Project ® and perform the necessary changes.

VERY IMPORTANT: When Microsoft Project ® is opened, it may prompt for various input from you, depending on your project settings. For instance, if your project contains external links, baselines, or shared resource files. Thus it is very important that you click through any of those prompts (if they occur), to allow LiveProject to perform its updates.

LiveProject will close Microsoft Project ® when it has completed.

During the process of updating the project file, errors can occur. In such a case, suggestions will be marked as having errors, and left available for the manager to take action on.


Cancel will return to the list of project files with suggestions, and will neither reject, accept, or change the project file. No suggestions or files are affected if Cancel is pressed.

Exception: If OK has already been pressed, and errors occurred while updating the project file, you will be returned to this window. In that case, the changes that are completed are done, and will not be undone by pressing Cancel. However, no further changes will take place.


The "Resolve Orphans" button only appears when there are suggestions that refer to tasks that no longer exists. These are called Orphans. The button will take you to a new window to review the Orphan suggestions.

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