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Re-link a file

Re-linking of LiveProject Server files

The files that are stored on the LiveProject Server, all have a link to their original source. This is called a file link. Using this file link, it is possible to click on any file in the Explorer and select Publish. LiveProject knows where the source file is from, and can automatically upload a new version of the correct file.

However, on occasion, the original file is not found. It may have been deleted, moved, or renamed. In those cases, LiveProject will prompt you to re-link the file, which means you must find the original file and link to it. Alternatively you can also re-link the file manually via the Properties->Re-Link button. This will launch the file selection dialog allowing you to select the new file to link with on your local machine.

You can see the location of the original file by going to LiveProject Explorer, and showing the Properties of the file:

The original location of this file is shown in the Location field.

When you are prompted to re-link a file, a window will be shown like this:

Press yes to browse for the file, and No to cancel the operation.

If the file is deleted, your manager may want to consider also deleting the version on the Server.

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