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Project overview bar

Project Overview Bar

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Using the Project Overview Bar

The project overview bar shows a view of the entire project, subproject or task (Depending on your current list of tasks). The top bar shows the timeline, which will auto-scale to best fit the duration. It may show days, weeks, months or years depending on the space available.

  • The Blue triangle represents the time right now.
  • Green parts of the bar represents completed work
  • Yellow parts of the bar represents not-completed work
  • The black rectangles represents Milestones on the project

To get more information on the bars and/or milestones, simply right-click on a bar or milestone, and the drop-down box will tell you the name(s) of milestones, and various other information.

This bar is a quick way to get an overview of an entire project, and its' progress. On the picture above, you can quickly see that the project is significantly delayed (The green bar does not extend all the way to the blue marker).

Note: To quickly hide or show the Project Overview, click on the Hide/Show at the top right corner of the viewer.

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