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Export project plan to PowerPoint

Export to PowerPoint allows you to export information from the selected Project into a PowerPoint presentation using a template.

Get Templates

Click here to get the default templates available for Excel exporting. You will be asked for a folder into which the templates will be saved to.

Get more templates

Click here to go to the KaDonk support Forum where you can find more templates and more information regarding templates etc.

PowerPoint Templates

When you export to PowerPoint, you can now use our templates (see Get Templates above) or make your own. This mean you could for instance select all late tasks, and export them to a PowerPoint presentation, with a summary on page 1, project name, total duration, etc, and each task would be exported to a separate slide with task details. Similar for resources.

Full documentation is not yet available, but if you look at the default templates, you will quickly get the idea. the MAIN thing to remember is that if you put these keywords ANYWHERE on a slide (I have them in the comments section), they will be removed (the keyword itself), and the entire slide will be used as the template for either all tasks selected, or all resources selected.

<LPSLIDEREPEATTASK>             - This slide is repeated for each task.
<LPSLIDEREPEATRESOURCE>         - This slide is repeated for each resource.

If you select 5 tasks, the perhaps 3 resources assigned to these tasks are the 'list of resources' exported. If you select 2 resources, the tasks they are assigned to is the 'list of tasks' that are exported.

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