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Print Dashboard

Dashboard Print

Note: You will need to have at least LiveProject Premium Viewer to use this feature. Compare versions.

Print the Project Dashboard or Project Portfolio Dashboard with the chosen options.

Use black and white 'printer friendly' colors

If selected, then the chart will be printed in black and white with the various colors represented by different hatch styles. Use this option if you are concerned about saving ink.

Print background

If selected, then the chart background will be printed. Turn this setting off to save ink.

Print title

If selected, then a title will be printed on top of the page.

Print legend

If selected, then the chart title will be printed along with the chart itself.

Layout as in dashboard

If selected, all the charts in the dashboard will be printed on a single page as laid-out in the dashboard.

One chart per page

If selected, each chart in the will be printed in its own page.

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