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Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

Note: You will need to have at least LiveProject Premium Viewer to use this feature. Compare versions.

Project dashboard provides an easy way to view various key project status indicators. The project charts also provide an easy way to drill down into the details. To drill down, just double-click on segments of charts.


You can save your chart into an image file by clicking on the save button on the chart toolstrip.


You can copy your chart into the clipboard by clicking on the copy button on the chart toolstrip.


The layout of the dashboard can be changed from the Dashboard toolstrip. Here you can select to have 1, 2 or 3 columns of charts. Individual charts can be moved and re-ordered by dragging and dropping them by the chart header as shown below.

Chart Sizing

Charts can be resized and the contents zoomed in or out by clicking on the zoom and resize buttons on the chart toolstrip.

Chart can also be maximized to take over the entire dashboard by clicking on the maximize button on the chart toolstrip. To close an individual chart, just click on the close button on the chart toolstrip.

You can also collapse or expand individual charts by clicking on the collapse/expand button in the top-right corner of the chart header.

Chart Options

You can access various chart options by clicking on the Options button on the chart toolstrip or by right-clicking on the chart to access its context menu.

Drill down/out

You can drill down into more details by double-clicking on a segment of a chart or by selecting Drill down from the chart context menu. The availability and the details shown vary between different charts.


Print option allows you to print an individual chart. To print the entire dashboard, select File->Print. Click here to read more about printing.

Configure Timeline (Timeline graphs only)

Allows you to configure the timeline formatting and interval.

Show legend

Toggle whether the chart legend is shown or not.

Show annotations

Toggle whether to show annotations (if any).

Show values

Toggle whether to show the values in the chart.

Truncate labels

Toggle whether long labels are truncated.

Display options (Enable 3D etc.)

Configure the look and feel of your chart.

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