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This is your personal information. Don't copy the text from the image.


Your e-mail address. This is where communication from LiveProject will be sent. It is also used in case you need to reset your password (If you forget it).


Your password to the LiveProject server. The minimum length of the password is 6 characters. If the box is red, the password is not legal (Too short). In the picture above, the red box is red because the passwords don't match.

Security Question

If you forget your password, you can manually reset it. In that case, you will be asked your Security Question. When that happens, you need to enter the answer, exactly as typed here (So be careful with Caps). If you enter the right answer, your password will be reset to a temporary one, and sent to the e-mail address entered above. When you first login with your new temporary password, you will be prompted to change it.


The answer to the Security Question. Be sure you can remember this in case you ever need to reset your password. The answer has to be exact to work.

NOTE: Should you forget your answer, you can also ask your manager to reset your password. A temporary password will be sent to the Email address entered above, and you will be prompted to change it when first logging in again.

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