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Suggestions Options

When a user edits a task, or adds a new task to a project, that is a suggestion. Suggestions are sent to the Manager for approval.

A suggestion can be in the following states:

  • Pending - The user has sent the suggestion, nothing has happened with the suggestion yet.
  • Rejected - The manager has rejected the suggestion, the suggestion is gone.
  • Accepted - The manager has accepted the suggestion, the suggestion is added to the project file.
  • Error - There is an error in the suggestion, which prevents LiveProject from updating the Microsoft Project file.
  • Orphan - The project has changed since the change was filed, and the suggestion is pending on a non-existing task.

Highlight all suggestions

All suggestions, submitted by any user, is shown in this viewer.

Highlight my suggestions

Suggestions submitted by you only, are shown in this viewer.

Do not highlight suggestions

Suggestions are not shown at all in this viewer.

Included Errors

If suggestions are shown, include suggestions with errors. Note that you cannot fix the error, the project manager has to take an action on that. Errors do not occur until the Manager tries to update the Microsoft Project file. The manager will be notified of the error, and should try to fix it when it happens. If an error is shown for an extended period of time, it may be wise to contact your manager and solve the problem together. Note that due to the complexities of Microsoft Project, LiveProject may allow some changes to project files that cannot be written back. If you run into such a problem often, please let us know.

Include Orphans

If suggestions are shown, include orphaned suggestions. Note that you cannot fix orphan suggestions, the Manager has to take action on that. If you do see orphan suggestions, it is a sign that the published project version is out-of-sync with your managers local version. Your manager should publish to avoid further orphaned suggestions to be submitted by the participants.

Show accepted suggestions

If checked, accepted suggestions will be highlighted green for the selected number of days after their acceptance by the manager.

Show rejected suggestions

If checked, rejected suggestions will be highlighted red for the selected number of days after they are rejected by the manager or cancelled by the sender.

Highlight modified suggestions

If checked, suggestions done within the selected number of minutes will be highlighted with a blue border.

Suggestion values

You can choose to either have the current value that is in the Project or the suggested value shown for fields that have suggested changes on them.

Set Default Selection

When you have configured how you want suggestions shown for the viewer, you can click on this button to save your selection as the new default. The selections you have chosen will be selected for all new viewers you create.

Use Default Selection

Reset the selection to the default selection. If you have saved your selections using the Set Default Selection button, that selection will be used.

Use Factory Selection

Reset the selections to the selection that is default for LiveProject when first installed.

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