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Project Alert Options

Check for suggestions

Set the interval LiveProject checks the server for suggestions to Projects. For less critical projects, set the interval longer, and for critical projects set the interval shorter.

Show an alert when there are suggestions

Check this to show alerts for each new suggestion found. If you have a lot of suggestions coming in all the time, you may want to consider turning alarms off.

Show pending suggestions system tray icon when new suggestions arrive

When suggestions are made to projects you manage, LiveProject can show a special System Tray icon to indicate pending suggestions. Check this to show the icon:

Show an alert when local file changes

When you edit local files that are also published to the LiveProject server, LiveProject will detect changes to these, and show an alert if one of them have changed. This will give you an opportunity to publish the file instantly, instead of going through the LiveProject explorer and doing it manually.

Check for local file change only at startup

Check this box to only check for local file changes when LiveProject starts up. If you edit local files a lot, and don't want to publish every time, this checkbox ensures you will only be asked to publish changed files when LiveProject starts.

Only check for file changes

This checkbox enables you to only check for local file changes every X days. If you only want to publish once a week, you could set this to 7 days, and avoid frequent prompts to publish in-between. Again, this may be an option if you edit local files a lot, and don't want to publish your changes continuously.

Clear all ignored files

When you are prompted to publish a file, there is an option to ignore the file altogether. This button will reset the list of ignored files, and you will once again be prompted when those files change locally. Currently there is no option to select ignored files individually, or see a list of them.

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