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A viewer is a window that contains information you want to view. Currently the following types of viewer exist:

Viewers have the following things in common:

  • Each viewer has a menu item called Configure Viewer. It will contain several tabs, depending on the type of viewer.
  • Viewers all show a status bar, indicating the current state of the viewer.
  • You can create a new viewer the Main Window, by using the menu File > Open...
  • Viewers continuously monitor their source data, either locally on the LiveProject server for changes, and update themselves automatically.
  • All viewers can run in their own windows. If you exit LiveProject, the location and content of its viewers will be stored, and they will re-appear in the same location next time you start LiveProject. Detached viewers can be minimized and maximized. The state of the window is remembered when LiveProject shuts down, and maintained when LiveProject starts up again

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