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Adding and removing

Adding and Removing Project Viewers

There are several ways of creating new viewers (project viewers and bugzilla viewers):

  1. From the Explorer
  2. From the Main Window
  3. From an empty viewer

To remove a viewer use the menu: File > Close

Note: Selecting File > Exit will exit LiveProject, closing all viewers. All viewers will be restored when LiveProject is started next time.

Note: Clicking the X icon in the top-right corner of the viewer window will only minimize the viewer. Minimized viewers can quickly be re-shown by double clicking on the LiveProject System Tray icon.

In older versions of LiveProject, viewers started out as separate windows (And back then they were called monitors). From version 2.0 and forward, new viewers are created in tabs in the Main Window. It is still possible to Detach and Attach viewers.

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