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Manage Users

Manage Users

Note: This feature is only available with a valid LiveProject Project Collaboration license or trial account.

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To manage users click the Manage Users tab from the Main Window.

Note: You can only manage users if you have the rights, and have an active license with KaDonk.


Apply Changes

Apply the changes done to the users.

Reset Password

Clicking "Reset password" will reset the currently selected users password !

  1. The password is reset on the LiveProject Server to a random one.
  2. A new e-mail with a new temporary password is sent to the e-mail address of the user.
  3. The users status is set back to PENDING.
  4. The user will be prompted to change his password on his next login attempt.

These steps are similar to what happens if the user resets his own password, using his security question and answer.

User Status

A user can be in either of these two states:


A user is in PENDING state after first being invited by a manager, and does not reach PERMANENT state until he has successfully logged into LiveProject the first time.

If you invite a user and he remains in PENDING state it could be because the e-mail address was wrong and he never got the invitation, or perhaps the e-mail was being caught by a SPAM filter. As a manager, you can always delete PENDING users and re-invite them.

Delete User

Clicking "Delete user" will permanently remove the user from LiveProject. You can of course invite the user again if need be, but internally in LiveProject, that will be considered a new user. Use with caution.


Invite other users

Users with rights to invite others can invite other users to join LiveProject. This may affect your account, as each registered user takes up one license. Usually only managers should be allowed to do this.

Edit other users

User can edit other users information, such as name and e-mail. Usually only managers should be allowed to do this.

Delete other users

User can delete other users accounts. This will free up a license (unless the account was pending, in which case it does not occupy a license in the first place). Usually only managers should be allowed to do this.

Edit own E-mail

Allow user to edit his own e-mail address. This is normally OK, but could be prevented for security reasons.


User is an administrator and is given extended rights within LiveProject in addition to having the rights to invite, edit and delete users. For example, an administrator can delete resources belonging to other managers. Only administrators can assign other administrators. Please use with care.

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