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Main window

Main Window

The main window in LiveProject is launched by default. Unless you Detach Viewers, all the viewers and activity happens here in the tabs.

Note: If you are using the FREE project viewer version of LiveProject, then all functionality related to the LiveProject Server, and changes to projects will not work. You must have a valid license to collaborate.


There are seven main tabs shown in the main window.

Project Portfolio

This tab contains the Project Portfolio Dashboard.

Project Viewers

This tab contains all the open Project viewers. You can view as many mpp viewers as you need to, and quickly switch between them using the sub-tabs inside the main one. You may view both local and server files.

Bugzilla Viewers

This tab contains all the open Bugzilla viewers. You can create multiple view either on the same database, or you can view many databases. Each viewer is contained in its own tab. If you don't know what Bugzilla is, don't despair. It's a great Open Source tool for tracking bugs, and you probably don't need to use this at all.

Explorer Server

This tab contains the LiveProject explorer, which shows all the files stored on the LiveProject server. You can drag and drop files from Windows directly in here, for quick upload. If you think there are some new files missing, try pressing the status bar in the top right corner to refresh.

Manage Project Suggestions

When you have received suggestions to projects, you can go to this tab to manage them. You have to be a manager of a project to accept or reject suggestions of course.

Manager Users

This tab is used by managers to manage users. You can add and delete users, reset passwords, etc.

This tab will be hidden if you do not have manager rights.


Access to our online help pages and links to how-to's.



  • Open MPP Project File viewer
    Adds a new project viewer in the Project Viewers tab
  • Open bugzilla viewer
    Adds a new bugzilla viewer in the Bugzilla Viewers tab
  • Logout from LiveProject Server
    If you are logged in, you can log out. This will remove any viewers that you have active on files on the server. If you log in again at a later time, these viewers will be re-loaded. If course, you need a valid license to be logged in in the first place.
  • Print
    Prints the current view (Project task/resource or Bugzilla).
  • Close
    Close the currently active monitor.
  • Exit
    Exits LiveProject. When restarted, all open viewers will be reloaded.


Edit Filters - Allows you to edit and manage your Project filters.

Note: This menu changes depending if there is already a project open.

If a project is already open, this menu is similar to the project context sensitive menu, except for the ability to edit a task.


Note: This menu changes depending if there is already a bugzilla viewer open.

If a bugzilla viewer is already open, this menu is similar to the Bugzilla Context sensitive menu.


The tool menu contains the Options.


  • Close all project viewers - Closes all open project viewers.
  • Close all bugzilla viewers - Closes all open bugzilla viewers.
  • Close all viewers - Close both project and bugzilla viewers


  • Help - Opens this help file. Note, most windows have context-sensitive help. Simply press F1 for instant aid.
  • Submit error or Suggestion via e-mail. Help us make LiveProject better by submitting any bugs you find, or suggestions for improvements.
  • Online Support Forum. Opens a browser window with our Support forum at forum.kadonk.com
  • Online Project Management Articles. Opens a browser window to our support forum where our online Project Management articles are stored.
  • About - Opens about box


Open Icon

Open local projects from your hard drive, server projects, or new bugzilla viewers.


Print table of tasks.


Detach a viewer from the main window, or re-attach it.

Tasks dropdown list

Use this list to quickly select a set of task columns.

Resources dropdown list

Use this list to quickly select a set of resource columns.

Filters Indicator

While viewing projects, this filter will show if there are any active filters on the current viewer. If no tasks are shown, this may be the case. Click this to edit the filter.


When viewing a project, the change indicator will show the number of currently pending changes, and new tasks

When viewing bugzilla bugs, this indicator will show the total number of bugs in that viewer

Status Bar

The status bar shows the status of the current viewer.

You are viewing the online version of the LiveProject help files. Click here for KaDonk's main pages.