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Preview E-mail

Note: You can send mails by selecting one or more tasks in the viewer (use CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple tasks). Use the Context Sensitive menu to send e-mails. E.g. Export->Selected->e-mail.

Note: LiveProject can only populate the e-mail address fields if these are entered in the project file itself. This is highly recommended, as it enhances the e-mail feature tremendously.

Select e-mail account

Select the e-mail account to use when sending the e-mail. Press the "Manage Accounts" to edit your e-mail accounts.

Use e-mail template

Select the e-mail template to use to generate the e-mail. Press the "Manage Templates" to edit your e-mail templates.

e-mail Preview

These fields show the generated e-mail, based on your selection of tasks (or milestones or resources), and applied to the e-mail template.

Send e-mail

Click this button to send the e-mail using the selected e-mail account:

  • If Outlook is chosen (recommended), outlook may prompt you that an external program is attempting to send an e-mail. Accept the request, and the e-mail will be opened in outlook. You can then edit the fields, resolve any Email addresses that may be unknown, etc.
  • If using an SMTP account, LiveProject will attempt to send the e-mail directly via the account using a best-effort attempt. Beware that errors or bounced e-mail may not be reported via LiveProject, and should the sending fail, only minimal error handling is implemented. We strongly recommend to use Outlook, if possible, for the best results !

Get more templates

Click here to go to the KaDonk support Forum where you can find more templates and more information regarding templates etc.

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