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LiveProject Server

LiveProject Server (An alternative to Microsoft Project Server)

Hosted Solution

The LiveProject Server is a server which is hosted remotely by KaDonk. This allows easy sharing among local teams and remote teams, or different business groups. The amount of storage as well as the number of users depends on the solution you have purchased and the number of licenses you have.

LiveProject Server is an excellent alternative to Microsoft Project Server, that can be up and running in less than a day.

You may login to  your account via our homepage at https://www.kadonk.com/restricted/login.aspx, where you can edit your account settings and purchase additional licenses.

Local Server Solution

Please contact sales@kadonk.com for further information regarding a locally hosted server.

Firewalls & Security

  • All communication with the server goes over the standard https port 443, which means there are usually no firewall issues.
  • Communication with the server is encrypted using SSL.
  • All password are hashed with a strong one-way code.
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