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Share Project Plans

How to: Share a project plan with your team

Note: You will need to have LiveProject Team Viewer to share project plans, and LiveProject Project Collaboration to collaborate. Compare versions.

Step 1: Create your project plan

If you already have a Microsoft Project file ready to share, you can skip this step.

Before you can share a project plan, you need to create one. LiveProject does not support creating project plans from scratch, so you will need a license of Microsoft Project to get started. Note that only managers needs to have Microsoft Project installed.

Once you have created and saved your project plan, proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Publish your project plan to the LiveProject Server

Start and login to LiveProject. If you don't have an account already, you can launch the free project viewer and create a new trial account when prompted.

Select the Explore Server tab, and right-click on an empty area of the explorer screen. In the dropdown context menu, select New Resource > Import File. Select your project file from your local drive, and LiveProject will begin the uploading process.

Read more about the explorer.

Step 3: Invite your team members to join your LiveProject account

If you already have invited your team to join LiveProject, you can skip this step.

Click on the Manage Users tab. In the top-left part of the menu, click on the "Invite users" toolbar text. This will cause a new window to appear, where you can enter the e-mail addresses of the users you with to invite.

Some important points about inviting users:

  • LiveProject will send an e-mail to the users you invite with their login information. If you provide a wrong e-mail address, your users will not be invited.
  • If the e-mail is correct but the users never get it, they should check their spam filters and make sure e-mails from sales@kadonk.com and support@kadonk.com are not blocked.
  • You must have enough available free licenses on your account to be able to invite more users. Check your account status.

Read more about inviting users.

Read more about user management.

Step 4: Start Collaborating

Note: You need to have LiveProject Project Collaboration licenses to collaborate on your projects.

Team members can now open the Explorer Server tab to see the project you have published. Double-clicking on the project file will open a viewer in their LiveProject application, where they can see your project plan.

Team members can double-click on tasks to make suggested changes. These suggestions are shown to all other users, and sent to the manager for approval. Suggestions will never be entered into the actual project plan without manager approval.

Read more about making suggestions.

Step 5: Review suggestions and update project plan

Once the team has made suggestions to your project plan, it is your (the manager) responsibility to review and approve them.

Click on the Manage Project Suggestions tab to see a list of all your projects with pending suggestions. Select the project you wish to review. LiveProject will open the project and highlight all the pending changes.

You can now click on individual changes to see and approve each field separately. Alternatively you can click on the Accept (No conflicts) button to approve all the changes at once. It is not necessary to review all the changes each time, you can save some for later.

When you are done, click OK (Update Project). LiveProject will now load your local project file (not the copy on the server), and make all the accepted changes directly in the file. You will need to have a valid installation of Microsoft Project on your machine for this to succeed.

When completed, you will be prompted to publish the new version to the LiveProject Server. If you accept, the new version is uploaded, just like Step 1 above.

Everyone who is viewing the project plan will automatically get the new version when the upload completes, and the accepted and rejected changes will be highlighted in red and green.

Learn more about reviewing suggestions.

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