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Restrict User Access

How to: Restrict Access For Some Users

Note: This only works for users of LiveProject Team Viewer or LiveProject Project Collaboration products. Compare versions.

It can often be useful to restrict access to some files or folders that needs to be secure.

With LiveProject, you can control which users can see which folders, as well as grant read only or read/write access to their content.

Note: You will have to have sufficient user rights to modify the access rights of users in the following steps. See User Management on how to change rights.

Step 1: Default Folder Access

Start LiveProject and open the Explore Server tab. Select a folder your are the owner of, or create a new folder that you wish to restrict access to.

Right-click on the folder, and select Access Rights from the context menu. You will see two columns:

  • Read Only - If checked, the user can see the folder and read the files inside, but cannot write any changes back to the files.
  • Read/Write - If checked, the user can read and write to this folder.

If none of these options are selected, the user will not even be able to see the directory listed. It is in effect invisible to that user.

Note: Some of the names of users in the list may be grayed out. These are the administrators that cannot have their rights revoked.

The checkbox Inherit parents folder's access rights can be checked to set the rights to be the same as the parent folder. This is the default for new folders, as we will see in step 2. If this checkbox is selected, the entire list becomes grayed out, as all access rights are now inherited. To set specific folder access, be sure to leave this box unchecked.

Step 2: Sub-folders access rights

Inside the first folder, create a new folder and select the Access Rights for that one. You will see that by default the inherited rights are turned on.

This means that once you set specific access rights on a folder, you don't need to worry about each and every sub-folder. The access rights will be exactly the same as on the parent folder, or it's parent parent, and so on.

So, to share a project with Jari and Janine but not John and Lene:

  • Select a folder and set access rights to Read Only or Read/Write to allow Jari and Janine to access it
  • Uncheck Read Only and Read/Write for John and Lene, and they won't be able to even see the folder

All files and subfolders placed in this directory will by default have the same rights.

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