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How to: Reset your password

Note: You only need a password if you are using the LiveProject Team Viewer or LiveProject Project Collaboration products. Compare versions.

Option 1: You never received a password?

In order to receive an e-mail from KaDonk with your login information, your manager must first invite you to join the LiveProject account.

Please confirm with your manager that you were invited, and make sure that your manager entered the correct e-mail address when doing so.

If you were in fact invited using the correct e-mail address, you should be aware that your login information is sent from either sales@kadonk.com or support@kadonk.com.

Make sure you have not accidentally filtered e-mails from these addresses in your SPAM filter, and that the e-mail is not stuck in your junk e-mail folder.

If you wish to have another e-mail invitation sent to you, see below on how your manager can reset your password.

Option 2: I have logged into LiveProject at least once

Reset your password yourself

When launching LiveProject, the login window will be shown:

Click on the "Forgot your password?" blue link, and follow the instructions here to reset it.

When completed, a new temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address you were registered with.

Ask your manager to reset your password

Your Manager can reset your password through the User Management tab in LiveProject. Ask him to select you in the list of users, and click on Reset Password.

A new temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address you were registered with.

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