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Getting Started On Project Collaboration

Note: This feature is only available with a valid LiveProject Project Collaboration license or trial account.

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LiveProject Project Collaboration allows you to collaborate on Microsoft Project MPP Project plans.

To get started you need to perform these three steps:

  1. Upload one or more MPP Project Plans to LiveProject Explorer
  2. Invite your team members to join your LiveProject Account
  3. Start making suggestions to your project plans.

Each of these steps is outlined in detail when you follow the links above.

Once your team has started making suggestion, you will need to accept or reject the pending suggestions:

  • Manage Project Suggestions

LiveProject was designed to be easy to use, and following the above steps should get you started in a few minutes.

We also suggest the following resources:

  1. Browse this help file, and press F1 anywhere in LiveProject for context-sensitive help
  2. Suggest ideas or report bugs, and discuss with other LiveProject users at our Forums
  3. Contact support to report bugs, or suggest ideas.
    If you do find a bug in LiveProject, we urge you to send us a message through the help menu, and if possible attach your project plan. This will help us quickly debug and fix your problem.
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