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Getting Started

Getting Started

Thank you for using LiveProject by KaDonk!


LiveProject is installed from this location:


Once installed, you can run LiveProject from the windows program menu where it is stored under the folder KaDonk.

Each time LiveProject launches, it will check for any newer versions and prompt you to upgrade. We recommend that you accept the upgrade each time as it may contain important bug-fixes or new features. If you skip the upgrade, you will not be prompted again until another version is released.

Note: After installation, it's possible you are unable to log in to LiveProject Server. First make sure you have a valid license (Check with your manager). If you do, and still cannot log in, it may be due to your clock. LiveProject server has strict rules to minimize the chance of spoofing (hackers). As an effect of this, it will not accept requests from the 'future', or requests that are too old. Try setting your clock back a few minutes to ensure it is set exact, then try logging in again. If you OS supports it, you can also choose to synchronize your clock with an Internet Time Server, which should completely eliminate the problem.

Also be sure to return to KaDonk for more information on project management and LiveProject in general.

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