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Gantt Layout

Note: You can set the layout on a Gantt Chart by selecting the context sensitive menu Gantt Settings > Layout


Select which type of links to use when drawing the Gantt Chart

  • No Links
  • Always connect to start/finish
  • Optimize by allowing to connect to top/bottom of bars when appropriate

Always roll up Gantt bars

Select this to always roll up all Gantt bars. This applies to summary tasks only.

Individual summary tasks may be rolled up, but this setting ensures they all are. A rolled up Gantt Bar simply shows all its subtasks drawn on top of itself.

Hide rollup bars when summary expanded

This setting is only selectable if the Always roll up Gantt bars is active. When selected, this will only draw the rolled up tasks, not the summary bar itself, while the task is expanded.

Round bards to whole days

When selected, tasks are automatically rounded to 'snap' to whole-day boundaries. This is only true for zoom levels where each bottom divider is larger than 1 day. When showing individual hours, tasks are not rounded (unless the number of hours is significant per divider).

Show bar splits

Select this to show bar splits (Split tasks). Unselect to hide bar splits, and always draw each task as one long bar.

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