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Pending Suggestions

View Pending Project Suggestions

Note: This feature is only available with a valid LiveProject Project Collaboration license or trial account.

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This window shows the changes submitted to specific fields in a task/resource. If there are conflicts, they are highlighted with a red background. Conflicts can occur in the following situations:

  • The expected value of a suggestion does not match the current project value.
  • There are two or more conflicting suggested values.

The comments that have been submitted to the task/resource are shown in the Comments area.

Current value

This is the field value in the current project file (.mpp file). The current project file is the original file owned by the manager, not the file on the LiveProject Server.

The "Project value" should equal the "expected value" for each change. Any mismatch could be a misunderstanding and the manager may have to read the comments or check with the participant to resolve the issue.

Suggested value

This is the value that the sender of the suggestion is suggesting for the field. This is the value that will be used to update the project file if the suggestion is accepted.


Return to review task suggestion.


Cancels and returns.

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