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Calendar Bar Styles

Calendar Bar Styles

Note: You will need to have at least LiveProject Premium Viewer to use this feature. To use the shared server options, you will need at least LiveProject Team Viewer. Compare versions.

You can configure the bar styles to use in your Calendar view by selecting the context sensitive menu Calendar Settings > Bar Styles...

Select the desired Task type to configure the bar style to be used.

Bar type

Bar type can be either a bar, a line or none in which case this type of tasks are not shown in the calendar.

Use LiveProject Colors

If checked, then tasks of this type will use colors defined by the LiveProject task color rules. See Customize LiveProject Colors for more information.


Select the pattern to use for this bar.


Select the color to use for this bar.

Bar rounding

If checked, then tasks that start or end at the start or end of the working day will be rounded to show them taking the full day.


Configure the text that will be shown inside the task bar (or line). The text is made up of fields separated by commas. To set up multiple fields, just select a field from the dropdown, then enter a comma and you can once again select another field from the dropdown.

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