Invite Users to Collaborate on Your Projects

When inviting users you need to have available licenses on your account. Click here to check your account status online.

Enter a list of Email addresses separated by commas, semicolons, spaces or new-lines, then press Invite to send out the invitations.

Invitations are sent directly from the LiveProject Server. Bounced e-mails will be returned directly to the person that sent the invitations (you).

Note: LiveProject sends the e-mail from the  our LiveProject Server for security reasons and we require a unique e-mail address for each user. The e-mail address is used if the password ever needs to be reset so it's important to get it right.

If e-mail addresses are wrong, a list of them will be shown:

Note: When inviting a user, the user's status is set to PENDING (see Manage Users). When the user logs into LiveProject the very first time, his status is set to PERMANENT.

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